fishing suits

Fishing suits come in all shapes sizes and colours.As always with fishing the clothes you wear will depend on the weather,a cold wet fisherman is an unhappy fisherman.Luckily nowadays with all the technical advances in fabric manufacturing the suits are lightweight waterproof but at the same time warm.

Depending on the time of year you go fishing there are fishing suits for any condition.For the deep winter fishing a good 3/4 length jacket with bib and brace that also has a removable fleece jacket inner lining.This would keep you warm and comfortable for many hours and the longer you stay warm the longer you can stay out fishing.

If its mild but wet and you just need to keep dry then a lightweight breathable suit is whats needed. These are great for putting over the top of your clothes.At the end of the day if you really enjoy your fishing and you want to keep enjoying it, its best to get yourself at least two fishing suits. One lightweight and one that comes with bib and brace and fleece zipped inside.