The Right Fishing Clothes Can Help to Fill Your Stringer

Author: Francis Clement

If you go fishing and want to improve your luck then wearing the correct clothes can only help. The fact is that fish can see you when you're on the bank and they are smarter then we all think.
However, there are certain things you can do and not do that need to be considered when you are getting your fishing equipment.

The first thing that you will need is some good waterproof footwear. If you are going to be climbing up a river bank fishing for trout then you might want to get shorter rubber shoes and accept that your feet are going to get wet and just empty your shoes from time to time.

Calf or hip length rubber boots or waders are a real bad idea, because if you do end up in the water,which you probably will at some point,they will fill up. Hip waders are for shore fishing on lakes where you have far less chance of slipping.

A nice loose fitting camouflage suit works best for most fishing and also remember that you will need some camouflage paint for your face as well if you are serious. A camouflage fanny pack works great for keeping your gear in while you are on the move and you can leave the bulk of your tackle in a box on the bank.

One important item to bring along with your outfit is a head net or you will run the risk of being eaten by mosquitoes or biting flies. When you are all dressed in your camouflage outfit and ready to catch some fish, don't forget that you still have to sneak up on them so stay low and out of the sun and be very quiet and you will improve your chances greatly.

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