Top 5 Fishing Clothing Items You Need

Outer Clothing.
The best type of fishing clothing outer garment should be light, comfortable breathable and yet 100 per waterproof.

There is a large range of suits, jackets and trousers, and bib and brace coupled with the three quarter jacket gives complete versatility what ever the weather.

I would highly recommend a jacket with a detectable hood, if its a windy cool day the hood can be a little annoying with it flapping around so having one that you can take of is well worth it. Jackets with a bib and brace are also very convenient.

Three quarter jackets with a separate zip-out quilted lining that can be worn independently of each other are great for those days when the weather can't make up its mind what it’s going to do, so you have the versatility for any weather condition.

Always make sure that when you buy outer fishing clothing that it is at least one size too big, this is to allow for a one piece thermal suit or thermal underwear underneath for when you are fishing in the depths of winter, my favorite time.

whilst on the subject of winter, the body loses heat from the head, hands and feet faster than the rest of the body. A good hat is a must. A wide brimmed waterproof tribe with chin straps is a good idea for the rainy days and a thick woolly hat or balaclava for those freezing days.

Waders and gloves.
The best angling gloves for warmth have got to be Neoprene gloves. For mobile anglers the fingerless gloves are good whilst the cut finger type could better suite the the static fishing. With this type the whole of the hand is covered but when it comes the rebaiting the first two fingers and thumb of the glove can be folded back and the Velcro keeps them in place.

Depending on the weather conditions and water conditions as well as water temperature the choice of footwear is also wide just as it should be, after all they need to be efficient in what they do and be comfortable.These are the most important item when it comes to fishing clothing.

In the summer its best to use derriboots, chest or thigh waders, winter i would use thermally lined moonboots or thigh waders could be handy as well. Another great pair of chest waders are Neoprene. Make sure you have a few extra pairs of thick socks and some thermal.