waterproof fishing trousers

As the winter approaches, you'll soon be thinking about whether
your winter coat will stand up to another winter of cold and wet weather, and whether your waterproof trousers will still be waterproof this year.

If you decide you need new waterproof clothing, what should you look for?

1. Is it really waterproof? Make sure that the waterproof clothing is really waterproof. Getting caught in a quick shower on the way to the car after work is not the same as needing to stay dry whilst hunting or fishing for a full day.

2. What other features? Make sure that the pockets are of a decent size, and can still be accessed when you are wearing gloves. The zips and seams should all be waterproof too. The hood will also need to fit you well, otherwise you might need a hat.

3. What about showerproof? If you don't need to stay bone dry for the whole day, then perhaps showerproof clothing will be a more cost effective solution for you.

4. How often will you wear it? If you're only going to be wearing it now and again, or don't really think that you'll get a lot of use out of waterproof clothing, it's probably not worth spending a lot of money on it.

5. What will you be doing whilst wearing it? If you're going to be stood watching your children play football in all weathers, then you probably won't need the same flexibility and range of movement as someone who will be shooting or fishing. If you are fishing or hunting, then you'll want to make sure that you can move your arms freely, an also that your clothing is quiet too.

6. Is the colour important? If you waterproof clothing is for wearing around town or for walking in the countryside, you might want to choose bright colours to cheer you up when it is raining, and also so that you can be spotted. Alternatively, you might need camouflage or subdued colours if you are fishing or hunting.

7. What else will you need? Don't forget that you might need waterproof trousers, boots or a hat and scarf as well as your waterproof jacket.

8. Are the expensive brands worth it? The best waterproof clothing won't be cheap, and if you want to stay dry then you'll have to be prepared to pay for it. As well as having an enviable reputation, you get what you pay for from the big brands, and you'll probably find that you waterproof clothing will last for years, and so prove to be a sound investment.

9. Do you need to be warm as well? If you do, you might want to be able to add a fleece underneath a waterproof jacket, or layer waterproof trousers over your normal trousers.

10. Where to buy? Ideally you want to try as much waterproof clothing as you can, so that you know what features you need, and which brands and sizes fit you. If you already have a preferred brand, or know what fits you, why not buy online and save both time and money?

Now you know how to choose waterproof clothing, why not buy it now before the winter comes, and it's too late?

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